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What's On?

In order for these events to run, we need willing volunteers to run them. 


This term:

Halloween Disco


On Friday 3rd November, we are hosting a Halloween disco for the children. Mixed year groups will attend through the afternoon and evening. The music will be provided by Touchline Disco and we will even provide a few treats for the children to enjoy!


Christmas Market


Our annual Christmas Market will be held on 27th November. A wide-range of stalls and food options will be in attendance along with a few fair games. We will also have a stall run by Year 4 selling their own Christmas decorations and a stall selling our exciting new calendars full of images created by our wonderful children. A lot of thought and organisation is involved in the build-up to this event and we are grateful for any donations received.


Christmas Wrap


As part of the Christmas build-up, the younger members of our school will be receiving a gift from Santa. As such, we will be asking parents if they can spare some time to play the role of elves and help to wrap presents. We will do this along with cakes and cups of tea to make it an even more enjoyable experience for all!


Next term:

(These events are subject to change)


Race Night


We intend to host our second race night towards the end of April. Adults will be able to 'back' their horse and hope they win! These events provide great fun and entertainment for all.


An outside agency will be asked to run the event and pie and peas will be included. Tickets will be paid for through LunchShop and our PTA will send these home with the children.


More details to follow.


Used uniform swap

In order to save parents money in these times of financial difficulty, we are considering a mutually beneficial clothes swap. If your child has clothes or shoes in good/excellent condition and they have outgrown them, we will have an area in school where they can be donated. Towards the end of the academic year we will host an event where parents will be able to collect these much-needed school clothes.


Future Plans:

(These events are subject to change)


Car Boot Sale


We would like to run a car boot sale (either on our field or our school playground) on one of the weekends and invite the local community to attend. Hopefully, people will be able to find a bargain and our local families will have an enjoyable time.

Quiz Night


Forget the famous black chair on Mastermind, Newbarns is the place to be if you would like to enter a quiz!


One of our fantastic parents is going to play the role of quizmaster for a fun evening at Newbarns. We are looking to host a night for families with a range of fun activities for the whole family.