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Music development plan summary:
Newbarns Primary and Nursery School




Academic year that this summary covers

2023 / 24

Date this summary was published


Date this summary will be reviewed


Name of the school music lead

Richard Bagnall

Name of school leadership team member with responsibility for music (if different)


Name of local music hub

Westmorland and Furness

Name of other music education organisation(s) (if partnership in place)



This is a summary of how our school delivers music education to all our pupils across three areas – curriculum music, co-curricular provision and musical experiences – and what changes we are planning in future years. This information is to help pupils and parents or carers understand what our school offers and who we work with to support our pupils’ music education.

Part A: Curriculum music

  • Newbarns School music curriculum is informed by the ‘model music curriculum’ as set out by the government in March 2021.
  • All classes receive quality music teaching. We spend an hour delivering music to classes each week.
  • Newbarns School follows Charanga music scheme from Reception to Year 6 for continuity throughout the school.
  • There are many opportunities for children to sing and learn songs as well as having experiences on instruments: glockenspiels, ukuleles, keyboards, djembe drums as well as other general percussion instruments.
  • We are starting to develop links with our Trust schools, through our music curriculum network group, to develop performance opportunities.


Part B: Co-curricular music

  • Our school choir meets every Wednesday lunchtime from September until Easter to prepare for our Young Voices concert (usually in February). There is also the opportunity for the children to participate in various Christmas carol performances.
  • Some children are taking piano lessons outside of school. The details of local teachers are passed on if requested.
  • A number of our children are involved in amateur dramatic societies and work towards performances in local venues.
  • There is a local ‘Rock School’ where pupils can (and do) go to learn various band instruments. Again, information is passed on where appropriate.

Part C: Musical experiences

There are many other opportunities for children to participate in music activities within and outside of Newbarns School.

  • During assemblies as part of the school day. Music listening as children are entering and leaving the hall and singing hymns as part of the assembly.
  • Some class assemblies include performances of songs that individual classes have learnt to enhance the telling of a story.
  • Younger children from the school perform a Nativity every year. This includes a whole range of songs.
  • Years 4 & 5 perform a show in the spring term every year. It is a large event where all children wear costume and learn and perform all songs. Final performances are open to parents.
  • Every year children in Years 5 & 6 are given the opportunity to participate in a Young Voices concert. For us, these are held in Manchester and give a fantastic, full concert experience for the children involved. In the months before, we learn songs which we perform on the night. The evening consists of other live music which the children watch.
  • Every year during the summer term, the children in Year 6 get the opportunity to hear a group of instrumentalists from Furness Music Centre who visit the school. The children see a range of instruments and hear a varied selection of music. There is time for question and answers.

In the future

In the future, we plan to continue to develop our link with schools from our newly formed Trust. This should include performance opportunities.